Some tips to score extra marks in Board Exams

Hey guys, I'm Debajit Gogoi. I'm the alumni of JNV Sibsagar and passed out in 2018. I will tell you how to score some extra marks in board exams as I did. All the tricks and tips that I'm going to tell you are my personal experiences and I succeed. So, read it carefully, okay.

We all know the winner doesn't do a different thing but they do the same thing in a different way. Everyone write answers in the exam but only a few get good marks. why? From my own experience, I would like to share some tips with the students, those who are appearing for the board exam.

Some tips to score extra marks in Board Exams

I've never been an excellent student. I was always counted as an average student, but my class 12 board exam result never shows you that I'm an average student. In class 12 AISSCE I scored 92.6%.

Some Tips to Score more in the Board Exam

Here are some reasons behind my success apart from my study and hard works:

  1. Neat and clean writing in the answer sheet. I didn't do that mistake. With correct and appropriate answer it is necessary to have clean writing in the answer sheet. It makes a good impression on the checker of your answer sheet.
  2. After writing the answer to a particular question I used to make a box for the answer, i.e., making a separate box for all the answer. It shows the discipline of writing the answers to the question.
  3. Write P.T.O. (Please Turn Over) on the right side of the bottom of the page if you couldn't complete the answer in the single paper. I did it.
  4. Most importantly, underline the main points of the answer. In the Board exam, generally, the examiner doesn't have the patience to read the whole answer. If you underline or highlight the important point about what question is asking for then it is very easy to check and to get a good mark. So, make it sure that you have read the question properly and answer it accordingly with highlighting or underlining the main points.
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I think I have at least help you something by sharing tips for the board exam. The marks that I've scored may not be satisfactory for someone or a very good student who score always more than 90% or 95%, but for me, it is excellent as an average student of the class.

Special thanks to Debajit Gogoi for sharing your tips to score some extra marks in the Board Exam. I think it would be very helpful for the student appearing for the Board Exam. For more information or article related to this topic please comment below.

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