How to do effective study

Most of us have problems in the study. The effective study could be the solution to all the problems that we had. It could solve the problems in remembering what you read.

We spend most of the time with friends. We enjoy every day gossiping with them. What you do when the exam is near to you? I think you make resolution of study hard from that day. But it works nothing. It happens to me also. That is why I'm discussing it with you.

Suppose, when you sit for study, everything comes to your mind one by one. Times went on when you come to your present. After that, you again try to read and solve your book problems, but the same thing happens to you.

How to do effective study

Concentration is the main formula to solve that problem. One question may arise in your mind which make you irritating all the time is that- Everyone, including my teachers to my parents, says for concentrate in the study but no one tells you how to concentrate what you do.

Strategies for effective study

Here, we will focus on how to concentrate on what you read and write. We'll also discuss the effective study and how to do an effective study so that you can capture more knowledge as well as concepts in one time.

  • Always think that what you are going to do will the only work for you for some time. Nobody can distract you and even you can't distract yourself from doing that. Nothing could be the barrier for some particular time.
  • Before you start your study, please give 5 minutes on planning what you are going to read because you must know the path of your journey so that you don't have to think in between your study.
  • Select a time in which you are going to complete the portion which you're going to study.
  • Don't forget to make notes on what you are studying. It very important step of effective study.
  • After finishing it, please revise what you had studied. Do it for 2-3 times. You'll see that you have done everything very clearly.
  • Before going for another subject or topic, please take some break. It is very necessary to take at least 5-10 minutes break before starting something new. It will give a better result in studying the next topic/chapter.
If you can follow this way of study then you will definitely do a good everyday result and exam result also.
How to do effective study


After reading this if anybody asks about concentration then I will definitely say that if you follow everything properly as above then automatically your concentration will be built.


Try to follow the above strategies to make your study effective. You'll definitely get a good result within a day. Your satisfaction by following these strategies will be observed soon.
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