Why you can't? Best motivational Article

If great people can do it then why you can't?

Every people have some desire, everyone wants to succeed in life. Some of them might give up and some of them are still struggling. Some of them are frustrated with their life and some of them are still going on.

Always prefer going on. Choose your way of moving and go on. Remember, you will get nothing if you give up easily. If you do not work hard, think that you are wasting your time. Then it would be better to do nothing and sleeping. What you do must be in your heart.

Some Great Examples

We'll see some examples of the most successful people in the world. We'll analyze them. We'll learn from them. And finally, we'll try to implement their inspiration in our life also.

Stephen Hawking

Why you can't? Best motivational Article

I think you know Stephen Hawking. He can't move his body even his fingers also. But he is the great scientist of the planet. If he can do it then why you cannot? There is always something greatness even in physically disabled person also.

Narendra Modi

Why you can't? Best motivational Article

If a tea seller can be the prime minister of worlds largest democracy then why you can't? He is no one but Narendra Modi. It is not easy to become a prime minister in a democratic country like India. But he did it.

Evelyn Glennie

I still remember the chapter on Evelyn Glennie. We listen to music but she can't even hear anything. How she can be a Percussionist? She feels it only. She could feel the vibration of the beats. Her feeling and dedication to music make her a great musician even she can't hear.

Inspiring Words

So, friends, you can achieve anything. You can get it what you think, what you choose. For these, you need a route/ path of success. Everything depends on you only. You are only responsible for your success or failure.


What you are today is nothing but the result of your past. And what will be you tomorrow will be the result of the work that you are doing today.

So, never waste your time. Work harder and smarter and do whatever you want.

Bye-bye. Don't forget to share with your friends and family. See you again.
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