The Best tips to control your anger

Ok Guys, are you ready for today's discussion? I think today's topic is one of the most important for our life as well as our day-to-day life. You can't think that sometime before I was very angry, so I'm choosing this topic for today's discussion. Yes, friends, the topic is "angry". Let's start.....1, 2, 3,..go.

How to control anger?

What is Anger?

Before that, I want to tell you something about me. Actually, I'm a very funny guy. Not for everyone but for those only who can understand me, and have a good relationship that is more than a friend. If they irritate me then nothing to say, and if they insult me then also nothing to say because I'll do that same thing to them also. But if some others do the same thing to me to whom I'm no good then I can't control myself. I always try to be silent at that time but it really effects me mentally.

Let's come to the main point. I'm not going to tell anything scientifically but I can share with you, my opinion to anger. For me, it like something that controls the entire system of the body. It is something that makes you uncontrolled of being partially mad. It always stands as a barrier in the path of success. Mostly, short-tempered people are mainly victims of these situations. As I know myself, I'm also short-tempered but currently fighting with it.

For others, it can be different. You have also another opinion on this. Don't forget to share it in the comment box.

How to control anger?

The ways that I'm going to tell you can help you somehow. Actually many people have different and unique ways to control anger. Few possible ways are given below to control anger:


Always remember, you can do everything if your thought is linked to your heart by your brain. If you really think that you have to be good, you have to be successful in life then you must control yourself anyhow. The irritating habit is not good for you. You must have the patience to overcome your anger. Your anger is not more than your life. If you don't have patience then try to develop it.
How to control anger?

 Think of yourself

If you are very angry, then go to such a place where there is no one but silence only. It can be your room also. It would be better if the surrounding is green nature. Sit down if you are in the room and if you are in outside then see vertically upward. Close your eye smoothly and take a long breath. you have to say yourself that you have to do many things in life. If you can't do control such a simple thing then what will you do if a big problem comes to your life?

The funny way

This is last but not the list okay. Maybe funny also. Many people can't control himself when they are angry. They can't feel relief without saying something. For them, it may be a better way to control their anger. Don't laugh okay. Please try to place your tongue in between your teeth. In simple words bite your tongue inside the mouth. It can be funny but I have tried it.

How to control anger?


There are many ways to control your anger. I know that you are also using more many ways to control anger. Don't forget to share it with me. I'll try to reply you as soon as possible.

That's only for today. With the hope of meeting you in the coming discussion, Bye Bye.
Wait wait.....Don't forget to share it okay.

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