NO PAIN NO GAIN Is Essential For Your Success. Read This To Find Out Why

No pain, No Gain

We often see people in the temple, church, mosque, etc. begging god to give always a happy life where there will be no pain, no problem but always happy, happy and happy.

No pain, No Gain

We want everything in our life is to be good, no bad things. Actually, we are not understanding it and realizing that the main problem is we are not aware of our problems. We don't want to face it. We are running away from it, we are afraid of it. Think of our life if there are days only, not night. Don't think that your problem is the problem, take it as an occasion and anyhow you have to face it.

We begging god for a good day only, we want happiness only, we want money to have come but not to spend, no misery, no health problem, etc. Is it possible? Can you find anyone who has only happiness in their life, who didn't have any health issue, whose time is always good, who born but didn't die or no one in his family died? Is anyone there? This kind of thinking is absolutely different from reality. It seems to be like a day without night.

Your mind does not distract for your distraction but you distract your mind yourself to avoid the torture, to be away from mental pain, not to do those which are not willing by you. But what is the reality? There two option, 1) Pain & 2) Full of enjoyment only. Which you'll choose? Of course option 2. But your future will be build by facing pain only. "No pain, no gain."

Everybody in this world is doing something. But why? To avoid pain only. People are doing those things which give enjoyment to them but not good for them. People are not choosing the right way because it is painful but it will make your future bright.

The world will change only when you change. You cannot change the world until you change yourself. Remember, you have to do something. Always ask yourself, " Why I am on this earth? What is my duty?" It will remind you of the duty to yourself, duty to the earth. Is it the only work on earth to born and die? Do something good, so that other people will inspire by you. The more you do it, the more you'll get the energy to make impossible the possible.

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You are the only barrier to make anything not happening. You are the only barrier to coming forward. Your fear, your unrealistic expectations are the barrier of doing something good.

After reading all those things, if you get a chance to ask God anything then what would you ask for? You must ask, " Hurt me, give me problems but also give me the energy to face every situation in my life." After that, if you get any pain in your life then do not try to go away from it, face it anyhow.  You have to be strong. No fear from now because God is with you. This is called faith.

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