Life Means to Different People

What people think of life

Somebody says that life is like a puzzle. If you can arrange than its very easy for you to solve. But some says that life is like a river. What we try to shape it, it takes that shape. Life is like a drama and we all are actors here acting different rules.

Life is not only studying hard, getting a good job and becoming a millionaire. It is much more than that. Continue reading to understand this.

Life Means to Different People

What I think

I think nobody has a clear answer about this. Different people have a different answer on this. But still, life has millions of mystery, curiosity, and experiences. Every minute and every second it taught something different, something extra to us.
It takes much time to understand what life is. It takes much time to change a life. But it can be destroyed in a few seconds only. We must try to maintain a balance in our life.

My experience of life

It was the time when I was in JNV Sibsagar. I studied there for 7 years. Always I miss my school, my friends. In that long time, I learn what life is and still learning. 
Our teachers always motivated us, always taught us what should we do and what shouldn't. They shared their personal experiences with us. I could feel everything. Every Saturday house meeting, our house-master Biology sir used to tell us such things which I very rarely found in the youtube videos of motivational speakers.
If I look back my entire journey of 7 years then I very clearly see that I have learned nothing of the textbooks but learned the most important things in the world that must be learned by everyone,  that is what life is.

Life Means to Different People

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Our life is full of various unexpected things. So we should live life fully. Enjoy every moment of life because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The answer what is life comes from what we live today. This depends on us only.

Special thanks to Siddhidatri Mohan

I hope you like these words. Try to understand each of the above sentences. Give time for yourself and think something different, something good for you as well as for society also.

Don't forget to share with your family and friends. See you again. Bye-bye...
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