JNV life: Now I can imagine only

Really, now I can imagine only. Today I'm not feeling good. Today I'm not in a mood of joking. I will share with you everything about my jnv life. I think you must know about Jawahar navodaya Vidyalaya if you are an Indian. If you don't know I will tell you what navodaya Vidyalaya is. If you are an Indian and fulfill some criteria then you can also fill the navodaya online form.


Hi guys, I'm Pranoy, alumni of Jnv Sibsagar. I have passed out in 2018. I get admitted to my nearest college after passing out from jnv sibsagar. It's going to be about a year but today also I'm missing my school very badly. I also know that the whole life I'll miss it.

Navodaya is not the school only. It is more than that you are thinking of. Our teachers say it is a family, but for me, it is more than that. But I don't know what could be more than a family. It's emotional joking okay, I'm inventing it...haahaahaa. 

How I get admitted to JNV?

At first, I have no idea what a navodaya is. I was studying in a private school. When I was in class III, I heard that some of our school qualified in JNVST (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test). Very soon I came to know that it is a residential school and to study there we have to qualify JNVST. Then after completing that session, I migrated to a government school. I studied very hard to qualify in that exam. No doubt, I cleared it very confidently and after that, I never attend any exam at that confidence level. Anyway, I'm in JNV Sibsagar now.

A long time, about six years I stayed there from class six to twelve. This time is long for saying only, practically it is too short for me. There is a saying the time goes very quickly if you spent it by doing your favorite work. Its happened to me also.

Friendship in JNV: Best friendship ever

I have also friends before going to JNV. But I knew the meaning of friends there only. I can't be so good with anyone but if I became good for him and know each other, understand each other then real friendship begins.

JNV life

I don't talk to those with whom I never talk before. It was not my attitude, it is my character, even now also. JNV friends never let you alone whether it may be good or bad situations, mainly in problems. I got that prove in my JNV life.

I can't forget each every moment, it may be good or bad. I can't forget the fun we had. I never feel any bad to my JNV friends. I may not talk to everyone very frankly but my heart never let them leave. Love you all if any JNVian reading this.

JNV life

What to say, my teachers?

Extraordinary, mindblowing, fantastic. Hahaa...its Allu Arjun dialogue, not me. But really they are. We are missing them.
We are missing velocity class of physics sir, boring class of bio sir, bindass class of chemistry sir and laughing class of maths sir. We are missing the beautiful class of English mam, serious class of Hindi mam, mindblowing class of geo sir and story class of history, sir.
But no more now.

Sunday Special

Now Sunday come. Cleaning and gardening began. Bio sir call us, "Ea Himanshu, Pranoy, Gidion... Spade k sath tin-char larka ko Bhi le ana." These are all memories and memories.

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Everything not completed. I'll tell you again in some days when we will be gathered as like. The connection between You and I will be seen in part 2 of this topic.

This much only for today. See you again soon. Bye-bye.
Oh, something I forgot to say, share it ok. bye again.
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