Fear: All about something really true

Still, I have fear of something. I can feel it only. It may be the fear of failure, fear of losing, fear of exams, fear of friendship, fear of deathfear of relationship, and the fear of something that is not known by me. It affects my every activity of life. It reminds me of the conditions in the coming days. It rēminds me the future of my life. But I'm learning through the fears of my life.

Fears of Life

Hello, my dears, Hope that everyone is fine and celebrating your every day of your life. Today we are going to discuss something very important in our life. That is fear. What do you feel when you think of fear? What is fear from your point of view? Don't forget to share your answer in the comment section. Now we'll try to focus some important situations when fear arises frequently.

Fears generally appear when

  1. we think of the future of our life.
  2. you afraid of losing your wealth.
  3. exams went worst.
  4. the relationship is in critical condition.
  5. we think of death.
  6. overthinking of our duty/work, etc.

Disadvantages of fear

If we look at the disadvantages of fear then we can see some physical, chemical, and psychological change in our life as well as our body.
It degrades the fitness of our body. The chemical imbalance can be a major problem of fear. It often leads to psychological disorders. 

Fears of Life

Advantages of fear

People only observe the disadvantages of fear. But it has small advantages also. It is more than enough to build a life. We only have to understand it and analyze it. We are discussing them below:

Learn from fear

Life is for learning. In every step of life, we must try to learn something. For example, if we failed in exam due not studying well then we learn that in every exam we must prepare. 

Motivation from fear

If you have the ability to think deeply then you will see that some fear really motivated us. 
As my personal experience, when exams near to start we obviously have fear of exam. Then I used to study harder than the previous days.

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Fears of Life


Whatever I knew, I told you everything. We must know that everything has positive as well as negative effect also. This world is not full of the good thing only. Only those can survive in this world who still learning to select the good things from those of bad.

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