Convert your weakness into Strength

Your weakness is not your weakness, it is the greatest strength in you. It is the most important thing how we take our weakness. Proper direction is important to convert your weakness into your strength.

Convert your weakness into Strength

Our Weaknesses

It is generally observed that other classmates make fun of weak one, they insult them. There is something unusual with the victims. It is their weakness. The biggest weakness is not to tolerate the insults of others.

In a well-educated society, lower classes people or servant are often treated badly. It is in general case. But those people/servants get a good treat form others by his work.

Some people break the dream of study in a good college due to financial problems. If she/he never leave that hope then in the coming day he/she may be the professor of that college.

Some example of common weaknesses

  1. Physical disability
  2. Not good in study
  3. Financially not good
  4. Belonging to a backward class, etc.

Take your weaknesses as

Physical disability, poor, lower class or any other cannot be our weakness.  You and I are born to fight in these situations. Take your weakness as your challenge

Convert your weakness into Strength

Best example

Arunima Sinha can be of the best and most inspiring example in this case. She lost her one leg. Even though she reached the top of the world tallest mountain Mt. Everest by an artificial leg. People reacted very badly after knowing her decision to climb Mt. Everest with the artificial leg. It was her weakness of not having a leg to climb Everest. But she reacts nothing. She proved herself by her work. This is how she converted her weakness into her strength.

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Weakness is something which can also act as a strength in some time. That time comes only when we have the mental strength to overcome that weakness. 
Lets not to leave hope and consistency of your hard work.

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