10 Tips That Will Make You great like CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW

Change Your Life: Inspiring thoughts of Captain Jack Sparrow-

Are you thinking why a foolish, funny and idiot character can be great? He is not only a pirate but a magician who can overcome any dangerous situation by his presence of mind. The following rules of Captain Jack Sparrow can give you the direction to live the life-

10 Tips That Will Make You Influential In CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW

  • He loves being lost in the sea. Ask yourself why you are in this world? Only to achieve the goal? Remember one thing journey is more important than the destination. Jack Sparrow loves being lost in the sea. He is never hungry of land. Others tried to get relief from slavery and someone tried to meet his lover. But for Jack Sparrow the sea is everything. Live life and feel every moment of it. You will definitely see the real happiness of life. Always do that thing what you love, not that you are forced to.
  • Compass doesn’t point North. How much happy you would be if you get that thing which you want most anything in the world? That compass wasn’t a normal compass. It points the thing you want most in the world. The compass of Jack Sparrow indicates your mind. If once you think that you want something then there is nothing to stop. Your hard work, strong determination, and smart decision surely take you that thing you want most in the world.
  • He looks foolish and funny. Why you are so serious, friend? Look at Jack Sparrow, he looks foolish and funny. Other people think, Is he really Jack Sparrow? But they cannot think of the sharp mind behind his funny character. Stay Hungry and stay foolish. You will definitely learn many things in the world.
  • Negotiate than fight. Did you fight with your friend? Even today physical power is the misconception among the youth of our society. Listen, friend, physical power is not superior. If you have the idea of resolving disputes without war then you a superior. There is a dialogue of Captain Jack Sparrow, “Why to fight, you can negotiate?”. These thinking make him great. Use your brain in resolving the dispute. Your decisions tell everything about you.
  • He never worried. Sometimes your faces are like this-😔. Yes or no? Am I telling right? It happens to everyone, sometimes me too. But never forget to keep smiling. Your smiling face makes you more beautiful and confident. Always be happy Tension is not the solution to any problem. Jack Sparrow never worried even after gun pointing his head by enemies. So he can take quick action at the real time. His smiling face makes enemies often get confused.
  • He regrets nothing ever. What he did is nothing wrong for him. Even if he did it which should not be done, he never felt bad. He regrets nothing ever. It will effect on his life which he never wants. It means that by his sharp mind he takes good decision only for which he regrets nothing ever.
  •  Actually, for him, the problem is not the problem but the attitude towards the problem is the problem. Have you seen him feeling stress for any problem that he faced? Many people wanted to catch him and they were finding him in the sea. But he did not care for all of these things. He remains always as usual, funny and crazy. If he takes all the problem seriously and thinking about all the problems anytime then probably he might be caught.
  •  He said that the sea may be rough, but he is the Captain. No matter how difficult, he will save the ship. It shows his responsibility. As a captain, he had the responsibility of the safety of the ship. He knew the ship, he knows the sea. However, he will make the ship safe even if the sea may be rough or not.
  • Wherever we wanted to go, we go... What he thinks, what he wanted, he did it. There may be any problem, but he stopped never. What you want to do, do it. You will face any problem. You may be poor, someone may not allow you to do that, but everything is a challenge for you. Overcome each of it.
  • My spirit will live on... You may die by doing all those which you loved most. But remember your spirit will never leave it. You may not be there, you may not be on the earth but your spirit will be every place of your memory.

10 Tips That Will Make You Influential In CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW
Think of each of the sentences of the above and if you like it try to apply these things in your life. Definitely, you will feel some change in yourself. Also, share with your friends and family members.

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