3 NEW YEAR MISTAKES: Secrets You Never Knew

Every new year we plan to do something, we set goals, dream to do something new in the new year. Years gone, days gone, but our dreams remain a dream. Why our dreams remain a dream? What are the mistakes that make a barrier between our dream and destination?
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Why only new year resolution? Can't we make the everyday resolution? Think of Bill Gates, Was it the new year resolution of Bill Gates to start Microsoft? Was it the new year resolution of Sachin Tendulkar to make world record?  Was it the new year resolution of Amitabh Bachchan to make the career in Bollywood? Definitely not. But their life successively better than the previous year? But Why? Because they never did the following mistakes-

3 Mistakes are-

 1. People make only goals in the New Year:

Many people make goals in the new year. They plan a lot. And all the focus gives on their goals only. Someone decides to make money, someone make target to lose their weight, students decide to study hard, few people start new businesses, etc. Think of highly successful people. Were their goals are the main reason for success? Not at all. Behind the goals, habits are the most important thing for success.
What you do every day? How you spend your time? Everything depends on your habits.

Now think of yourself, What would be the habits that will give you success? Which habit will give you happiness? Is it the habit of eating? Is it a habit of reading? Is it the habit of complete work on time? Is it the habit of time management? Find it out which will help you to get success. If you want to be a successful person then change your habits.

2. Getting influenced by others:

Another problem is that we decide our goals by getting others influence. So the energy of doing that doesn't last for a long time. It gets finished completely by the end of January. Are your goals really your goals? Do you need it? Do you feel it? Is it linked to your heart? Suppose you want to stay fit and you exercise every day. Now ask yourself, Why you are exercising? Is it to show off or you really feel fitness? Is it to get more likes in social media or to become really healthy?

Remember, when your dreams are connected to your heart, you will get confident to do it, motivation to keep doing and finally a commitment to getting it done. So, not to get influenced by others in the new year.

3. People stick to the New Year:

At the end of December, people stick to the new year. They make many resolutions for the new year. If the resolutions do not complete in the new year, they give up. Remember, making resolutions is not bad. And the new year is a good chance to do something new, to start something new. Everyday resolution is a good habit of successful people.

How big your goal may be, always take small steps. Always work on it. Your daily effort is very much important. Review yourself, take decisions to go forward. Not only 1st January, but every day has a chance with many chances.

Wish you a very very happy new year.


So don't do these mistakes in the new year. Not only focus on goals, works on your habits. Your habits will take you the result. What you choose and think should be linked to your heart. And not only 1st January, everyday evaluate yourself, review yourself and take good decisions.

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