ILLUSION TO REALITY? It's Easy If You Do It Smartly

The illusion to Reality-

Do you think that illusion can create reality? Might not be.  But those who think about it and believe it are most successful in life.  From today onward believe in your illusion to become the most successful in life.

ILLUSION TO REALITY? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Some people often tell us that nothing is impossible, you can do everything. By telling these words they encourage us. But think about it what happens if somebody tells us that everything is easy and you can definitely do it.  It can be observed very rare cases only.  There is a difference between the two groups of people.  Nothing is impossible is not means that everything is easy.  It may be difficult. But according to the second group of people, everything is easy. You can understand that which group of people can make their child more successful. Of course the second group of people. Because it gives the surety of something. So the child gets more encouragement to do what they think and want.

By listening to the second group of people you might be thinking that are they mad?  Is it seems to be easy to solve the problems of the world?  Is it easy to live life?   All these questions may arise in your mind. Now listen carefully, actually, nothing is easy in the world, It is not a reality it is illusion.  But the illusion on which you believe will be you are really to tomorrow.

Millions of people are saying that nowadays it is difficult to live life.  Are they telling the lie? Not only millions but even more than that cannot make the wrong into true. Remember that only one can change the reality of the universe by his illusion.


  1. Someone definitely thought of flying in the sky like birds wanted to go anywhere they want. At that time the reality was no one can fly, it was an illusion only. For that illusion only, the airplane was invented. Now we can go any part of the world within some hours. See how someone's illusion creates reality.
  2. A century ago, there is a reality that if you want to talk with somebody then he/she must be with you or near to you. If he/she is a thousand kilometers away from you then you cannot talk. That was the reality, but someone at that time did not agree with this. He creates the illusion in mind. For that only a new device invented, which we know as the telephone.
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Not only that, there are many things around you which are invented by someone. From a needle to the rocket. Think about all of them and search for such a reality which wasn’t an illusion of somebody. You definitely can’t find it.

 From today you don't think that something is difficult, everything is easy for you. You can do everything you wanted to. That will be your illusion. And what is an illusion for you, the same thing is impossible for others. Your today's illusion will be your reality tomorrow. Keep working on it.

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